Multimodal Traveler Information and Trip Planning Tool for the San Francisco Bay Area
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Use transit more and make your trips greener.

PATH2Go Trip Planner

Trip planner that knows exactly when your bus or train will arrive
Compare different local transportation options, including transit, driving to transit, driving and bicycling.
Pick up your trip based on travel time, fare and carbon footprint.
Send your trip to a smart phone (need to sign up and install a smart phone application)

PATH2Go Smart Phone Application (Application not available for download as of Jan 2012)

Search for bus arrivals at nearby stops
Plan a transit trip on your phone
When you're waiting for a bus or train, get an alert about the approach of your bus/train
When you're on a bus or train, get an alert as it approaches your destination

PATH2Go Web Based Traveler Information

Search for arrival info using route name, stop name or nearby address
Real-time available parking spaces for selected CalTrain parking lots
Setup a one-time or recurrent reminder for the bus / train arrival info at your favorite stops over email or SMS (You need to sign up to use this function)